Cool Gadgets for Runners

Free running has many benefits for health, some people run to keep them fit and some run to lose weight and professional athlete run to maintain their top speed. Running has a positive impact on your mind and body. No matter for which reason you are running, some cool gadgets can really add a new dimension to your running experience. Gadgets are becoming quite popular among runners as those devices help to keep track of many records. It is important that you know about the difference aspects of your running record. So here are some gadgets recommended for free runners:

 Adidas MiCoach Armband

This is an activity watch from Adidas which is a great device to keep tracks of your running records. This armband has enabled GPS service in it and has its own operating system. It is not easy to carry a smartphone on your hand while running. Smart phone has apps which can show your progress while running. But the process of looking at the phone while running is very difficult. So you can use this armband as it has app installed in it. You can also monitor your heart rate through this device. It is an essential device for runners and it has many benefits.

Adidas PMX Sports

This earphone is specifically designed for runners as you will notice that the design is quite odd compared to regular earphone. This device is water and sweat resistant which is quite clever design from Adidas. It can be worn around the neck and it is quite comfortable to wear actually. This device also allows you to hear other noises which is very important if you are running on a busy road. You can control volumes from the control bar. This device also allows you to receive phone calls without taking out the phone.

Berghaus Backpack

A clever backpack for runners which has a versatile design and a compact size. This bag is perfect for professional runners as it has all the space to carry important things. The bag is water resistant and made of fabric which is quite comfortable to carry on back. There are spaces inside the bag to carry your smartphone and tabs along with other gadgets. There are pockets outside which can be used to carry sunglasses and water bottles. There is also space inside the bag to carry a small notebook which is very handy for runners.

Sony NWZ Walkman

You can’t watch videos while running, so if you are planning to listen to some songs while running this is the right device for you. This MP3 player is only 51g in weight and a perfect device for free runner. It comes with an 8gb storage which is enough to store hundreds of songs. It can play songs for 36 hours with one full charge. This device is perfect for runners who like to listen to music while running but don’t want to carry much weight.