My passion is running, simply put.

I love that feeling every morning when I start my day with a 30 min run. For all those passionate runners out there, I created this blog so as I can share this passion with everyone like me.

I have a full time job like most of us out there and squeezing my running sometimes can be challenging however when you are passionate about this sport, there is no stopping this feeling and you will always make it happen no matter what.

Running is not just a sport…

Its a passion and a fulfillment and for all those out there that need recommendations on the beat approach to run, then I will share it in my post. It took me many years to discover the best approach to running without injuries my knees and long term impacts.

This blog will share running ideas, approaches and survival tricks. I also love talking about my life and my experiences while squeezing in the running aspect of it. I hope to be able to provide information, fun and you enjoy reading all aspects of my blog.

You can contact me at any time through my contact email carolina@viacarolinarunning.com.