How Running Improve Your Health

Exercise is the most effective way to keep you fit and healthy. You probably had heard this a lot of time. Exercise works as a medicine for your body and it doesn’t have any kind of harmful side effect. There are many different forms of exercise and running is one of those. Running regularly has many health benefits, some you already know and some you may not. Running is helpful to fight obesity, blood pressure and heart disease. It has been proven by scientist that regular running is very effective to keep your body and mind in good shape. Let’s have a look at some other benefits of running.

It Makes You Feel Good

We have to go through many things in our personal and professional life. Some are pleasant and some are not. Constant pressure of office work can result in stress and tension. Stress leads to other physical and mental condition. Regular running can help you to get relief from stress and tension. If you are running regularly for some time, you probably already know about that. Running will make you feel good because it releases a feel good hormone called endocannabinoids.

It Helps in Weight Loss

A strict diet will certainly help you to lose your weight. But sometime only diet is not enough to lose your weight. If you haven’t tried running to lose your weight, you should try this. You will be surprised with the result. Our calories get burnt when we run and losing calories will cause weight loss. You don’t have to run like a cheetah to lose your weight. Just slow pace jogging can really help you to burn the extra calories. It has been scientifically proven that running is very effective in weight loss process.

It Strengthens Your Legs

Your leg bones will get stronger with regular running. Scientist have shown that regular running will increase the mass of your bones. We often face bones related difficulties as we age. Our bones also get old with our age which cause bone loss. If someone tells you that running is not good for your knees, he/she is obviously wrong. It has been scientifically proved that running is in fact very helpful to make your knees stronger. Proper running will never cause any kind of harm to your knees. Running is very helpful to fight conditions like arthritis.

Mental Sharpness

Your brain you will not stay sharp as you age. You may lose your mental sharpness as you get old. Regular running is very helpful to fight age related metal difficulties. Scientist have shown that we can slower the mental decline process with regular running exercise. Like your body, your mind also needs to be in proper shape. Running helps to keep your mind boosted and brain sharp. It improves the functionally of brain.

Above are some health benefits of regular running, there are more like reducing cancer risk, adding years to your life.