At-Home Workout Tips

It is easy to find time to work out in our busy schedule. So most office going people cancels their trip to gym and prefers to do the workouts at home. There are some basic workout tips you can follow to get great result out of it. Although exercising at home may not be as effective as going to gym. However, it should be enough for you to keep a healthy body and mind. It is better to do in your exercise at home than missing the gym due to the lack of time. If you know the proper techniques these quick workout tips can be really helpful for you.

Barrel Chest Workout

You don’t have to hit the gym to do this quick workout. All you need a strong pole which can hold your body weight. This exercise is quite effective for your upper body. You have to repeat the steps after 3-4 minutes of resting. Here are the steps

  • 10-15 pushups
  • You can complete the pullup using a strong door frame
  • Plank and renegade
  • Repeat all of those steps 5-6 times

This may sound quite difficult for beginners, however as you do those everything it will become a habit. The good thing about this routine is that, it can be done at home. It takes a small amount of time and has great outcome.

Body Burn Workout

This is a simple form of exercise you can do at your home. You just need some tools for this exercise like dumbbell and wheel. You have to repeat the exercise steps for 5-6 times. You have to complete lunge with dumbbell and do pushups. This exercise also contains dumbbell deadlifts, plank and curl. You can do this exercise regularly. This routine has a great impact on your fitness. This quick workout can certainly keep your muscles strong and your body fit.

Leg Workout

Leg workout is a very important for any kind of workouts. The leg workouts described below can be done at home and takes a small amount of time to complete. Weight squat is the most important steps for any leg workout. You can complete sets as many as you can. For beginners it can be quite hard but with regular workout, this should become easier. Next you have to complete a set of reverse lunge. The wall sit is also an effective way of keeping your legs fit and strong. Leg workout is a simple form of exercise and you don’t have to hit the gym to do that.

Cardio Workout

This exercise also have similar pattern like the previous ones. You have to complete a set, take rest for few minutes and repeat once again. A jump rope is essential for cardio workout and it should not be difficult to arrange. There is no need to spend time in gym for a proper cardio exercise routine. You can do it in home with rope, dumbbell, and some bear crawling.  This workout is quick and easy with great results.